Friday, September 09, 2011

Fresh Start

Now you just stay away from me
and think about what you've done!
Yesterday did not go as I planned what with that terrible pillow of mine forcing me to lay down and sleep for most of the day.  Bad pillow.  Bad! 

But today is a new day and even though just writing about my pillow is making me a little tired, I'm ignoring it. 

I was on a Narcolepsy Support Group board yesterday and someone had written an article comparing REM sleep to rude guests at a party.  You know, the ones who never want to leave.  It's important to show them who's boss!  Unless you make it absolutely clear that the party is over (or that sleep is done for the night) they will make a space for themselves on the couch and hang out all the next day.  I love the comparison, and it's a good one for me to think about.  I need to make sure my body understands that daytime = time to stay in the awake/alert stage.  I have opened  all the curtains to get lots of natural light and have a list of things to do and plans if I start wavering.  Normally I would just pack up all my stuff and head to Starbucks to do my work, but money is REALLY tight right now (a post for another day) so I'll need to save that for an emergency back up plan.

And so this is a short post for today so I can get right to work and try to make up for wasting so much time the other couple days, but please note that the time stamp indicates morning, not afternoon, thankyouverymuch. 
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