Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Vacation

Actual size of bandaid on her big toe.
The Princess is resting on the couch is resting her foot with the injured toe on the coffee table.  You see the toenail has broken slightly and she refuses to allow me to trim the nail at all.  She would, however, allow me to put a bandaid on it.  Unfortunately we don't have any normal size bandaids, so I had to use a very large one and then tape it down on all sides, so it appears to be almost a cast on her big toe.  It's a shame she's not more dramatic.

Not even close to the actual amount of Legos Twin A actually owns.
 Twin A is in the playroom putting together one of his fifty thousand Lego kits he received from my ILs for Christmas.  Yes, we're Jewish, but my ILs are not, so we stay overnight on Christmas Eve every year and then spend Christmas Day there as well.  And man, do the kids get presents!  In any case, Twin A has been having major, major meltdowns about being able to use the Wii, so we have been writing a schedule for him each day to show to show him when he gets his fifteen minutes of electronic time.

Twin B is in the dining room trying to grow crystals with his new chemistry set.  Every minute or so he tells me a fact about what he is doing or to read me a direction.  And then repeats it.  The same fact or the same direction.  Or the same question.  Over and over and over and over again.  I keep jumping up to make sure he has read the directions.  Or is not using his finger to stir the crystal solution.  Or is actually using a measuring instrument to measure out 1/3 of a teaspoon and not just pouring in what looks like it could be that amount.  Because in the back of my mind, I fear I will miss hearing him say this some day, and then it will be too late:

DH is resting upstairs after having spent most of the morning shoveling out the driveway.  And the sidewalk.  And one of our elderly neighbor's driveways.  Because he is just that kid of guy. 

We had attempted to take the kids sledding after he finished shoveling, but, BRRRRR - Baby, it's COLD outside!  I think it took longer to get our winter gear on than we actually ended up spending outside.  After a few minutes (literally) at the top of the hill with the wind so strong that it actually knocked the Princess down twice, the kids began begging to go home.  So much for "family bonding."

But ultimately, it's all good, because the kids will soon be heading over to my sister's for a sleepover.  Oh yeah, DH and I are going to the movies and then to a big book store (because that's what we like to do in our free time - hanging out in a book store is our version of geek heaven), and then back home without having to whisper or tiptoe or hold back any noises at all, if you know what I mean (wink, wink).  And then we get to sleep in as late as we want (as long as we pick up the kids by noon).  Oh yeah!      

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