Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When It Rains . . .

It's certainly pouring around here!

Yesterday my purse was stolen.  It contained my keys, my wallet (with debit card, credit cards, and my checkbook), several gift cards, and my flash drive which was filled with pictures of my family and my preschoolers (organized by name to be used as documentation for conferences), all my lesson plans from this year and the last three years for Hebrew School, Religious School, and Preschool (including plans for the rest of this year for both Hebrew and Religious School), and years of research into activities for a large variety of preschool related themes.  Yay.

When I got back home, I proceded to begin the process of calling the bank and all my credit cards to report the theft.  The bank told me that the thief had already attempted to withdrawl $1500 from my bank account but was denied.  I guess the joke was on him - we are broke!  We don't have that kind of money!  Because he has both my debit card and my checkbook we had to freeze my account and open a new one.  The fraud department from the bank will take care of transfer all money AND direct deposits/automated payments to the new account.  I also put a fraud alert on my credit through the three credit reporting companies, plus printed out a credit report so I could verify which credit cards might have been in my wallet.  I don't have that many, but I just needed to check what might have been in there.

Since the thief had my house keys AND my licence, I also had to find a locksmith to come and change the locks to the front and back door.  Of course it was only when the locksmith arrived that I realized I had no way of paying him since my credit cards were all reported stolen (DH's cards are all on the same account as mine) and we had no access to our checking account until everything was straightened out.  And since it cost THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS, we didn't have cash around the house to cover it.  We eventually determined that the fraud department at the bank would allow one or two checks to be paid out of the bank account as long as we call and let them know all the details. 

I then had to research how to get a replacement driver's licence, which ultimately involved driving out to an auto tag place to get a temporary licence and to send away for a new one.  While sitting in the long line of traffic caused by a major car accident in the middle of the road, I tried to take deep breaths and focus on the fact that at least my car is not hurt and neither am I.

All that required me to be on the phone, on the computer, or in the car for approximately seven hours straight.

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, my sister called.  She and her husband had been talking and pointed out to me that this guy has my car keys AND knows where I live.  I should get my car rekeyed.  Great.  Just great.

After work today I started making phone calls and discovered that it would cost over sixteen HUNDRED dollars to rekey all the locks in the car.  I checked; insurance does not cover that cost.  However, the car IS covered in case of theft, so . . . I think we're going to just take our chances.

As if that wasn't enough, today DH emails me to let me know that his school district had somehow been overpaying him since September and he now has to begin paying them back by deducting a certain amount from his paychecks for the rest of the school year.  Yeah, because we make so much money as it is.

Anyone got an extra umbrella or two? 
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