Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Since I am not teaching full-time (or, as I like to say, I am underemployed right now), I have been desparately looking for other ways to bring in money for food, bills, OMG - do we have enough for the mortgage? extras.  Coincidentally a friend was looking for an alternative to the after-school kindergarten program her boys were attending.  Yay - I had a new part-time job!

Being a kindergarten teacher has always been my dream job, so I LOVE that I get to work with these two kindergarten-aged boys three times a week.  And my new BFF (Pinterest) has made finding fun things to do with the boys (not to be confused with MY boys) much easier.

Here are some of the activities I plan to do this week:

Make Rock Candy!
The way the Rock Candy looked on the windowsill
in the Gluestick blog - hope ours looks that good!

I mean, c'mon, how beautiful is that?!!


Go on a scavenger hunt, inspired by this post at THAT'S SO CUEGLY, who actually listed seventy-five really great things to do with kids.

Now I just have to make my own scavenger hunt paper.  Hmmm....should I just keep it generic, or make one specific to this neighborhood?  Decisions, decisions.


Fizzy Balloons - I discovered The Kitchen Pantry Scientist's amazing Blog last week, filled with fabulous experiments to do with kids.

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist's kids doing the Fizzy Balloon experiment.

Paint like Jackson Pollock - I also discovered 52 Brand New last week.  The title refers to the author's goal to try 52 brand new experiences with her kids this year.  VERY inspiring! 

The Pollock-inspired painting the kids on 52 Brand New created.
I am picturing two boys covered from head to toe in paint.  It's one thing when it's my own kids and I can just send them right upstairs for a shower, but I can't really do that with two kids who aren't mine.  Wonder how we could accomplish this without becoming works of arts ourselves.  Maybe if I give both boys long smocks (old t-shirts of DH's)?

I promise to write another post describing how each of these activities went - and hopefully my pictures will look as good as the ones I included in this post!
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