Monday, April 23, 2012

DH is NOT 40. Yet.

Milestone birthdays and me do not seem to mix very well.  When I turned 30, my twin boys had both recently come home from the NICU.  We had the extended family come over, as is traditional in my family, and a cake (I think), but most of the evening was spent passing my beautiful boys around and ooing and aaahing over them.  Sleep deprivation and new mom hormones combined, and the evening was a blur.

Earlier this month I turned 40.  Not only was it the second night of Passover (which normally would have been spent participating in the Second Night Seder at my synagogue) but I was sick.  Apparently now that I had pneumonia in October, every head cold has the potential of settling in my lungs and becoming pneumonia all over again.  I worked hard (a lot of rest, liquids, decongestants, antibiotics, and two different inhalers) and I did NOT end up in the hospital again, but it still took me a good two weeks to get over.  I didn't even get a cake this year, and only my mom (who stopped by on the day of my birthday to bring me a present from both my parents but stayed well at the other end of the couch to avoid getting what I had) sang me "Happy Birthday."

Around that time, DH (who is a full year younger than me) started talking about inviting a few friends over to celebrate his birthday which is at the end of this month.  He assured me that he would take care of everything.  He also told me that this was going to be a "I'm not yet 40" party (nice, isn't he.)  Fast forward to this weekend.  I asked him to make me a list of everyone he had invited and show me who has said they are coming.  The list of RSVPs is already well over twenty!  When I asked him if he was planning to barbecue, he infomred me that he thought "we" would just do a whole bunch of appetizers like "we" do for New Year's Eve.  Of course, that is the royal we.

So this week, in addition to everything else I need to do, I will be compiling a list of appetizers, shopping for the ingrediants, and then making anything I can make ahead of time.  I will post recipes after I have finished compiling them.

And after his "I'm not 40!" party is over, I am going to start planning my do-over 40th birthday party.  Because I so have it coming to me!
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