Thursday, April 19, 2012

13 Things I SHOULD Be Doing Instead of This

  1. Transferring the laundry into the dryer
  2. Washing the dishes in the sink
  3. Turning on the dishwasher (yes, we have that many dishes that the dishwasher is full AND the sink is filled with dishes)
  4. Clearing off the dining room table so the kids can do their homework
  5. Finishing yet another in the never-ending pile of papers I must write to reactivate my teaching certification
  6. Sorting through the mountain of papers that seem to multiply overnight
  7. Fixing the cover on the loveseat
  8. Vacuuming the living room
  9. Cleaning the bathroom
  10. Making my bed
  11. Sorting the laundry to put another load in
  12. Going through the kids' clothes to pull out the heavy winter stuff and the stuff that is too small (both of which the boys keep trying to wear)
  13. Cleaning up from my Jackson Pollock-inspired driveway painting I did with the two boys I teach three afternoons a week
Hmmm...maybe I should turn off the computer?

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