Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Sleep has always been my drug of choice.

It's my way to escape the world, and since I have Narcolepsy, I can fall asleep within minutes, not even giving myself time to think about the pros and cons of taking a nap.

However, when you throw depression and this feeling of being overwhelmed into the mix, shutting my eyes for a quick "nap" results in sleeping for about six hours.

Not good.

Today was an improvement.  I laid down to read a book after I got the kids out the door for the bus.  When my eyes became heavy, I set the alarm to wake me in thirty minutes.  Unfortunately, with the Narcolepsy, I can hit snooze and be fast asleep within seconds.  And then I can continue that for the next three hours.  Yay.

Yesterday I restarted my day (woke up from my "nap") at three o'clock in the afternoon, about forty minutes before the kids get home.  Today I restarted it at eleven thirty, a big improvement from the day before, but still not great.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at the kids' school at nine and I promised to help in the school's library before then.  I will not be able to go back to sleep after the kids leave to get the bus.  I plan to pack up my computer and notepad so that when I finish at the school, I can go to Starbucks and work on my never-ending Act 48 credits.  In theory that will stop me from taking a nap and wasting the entire day.

In theory.
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