Monday, February 13, 2012

One paper at a time

This is what I am doing.

All the time. 

Writing papers. 

I'm aiming for getting at least one paper written every day.  I have to get these stupid courses done so I can get my stupid certificate activated again.  I need to start subbing - I need to start bringing some money in again! 

It's just so hard to stay focused when I have so many other things screaming out for my attention at the same time.

But for now, since I have not yet finished today's paper, I am going to ignore the three loads of laundry just waiting to get washed upstairs. 
I am going to ignore the dishwasher that I ran this morning and is now waiting to get unloaded. 
I am going to ignore the refinancing papers I have on the desk listing all the documents I must gather and the three hundred ninety-nine dollar check (because since I need to refinance I'm obviously too stupid to realize how close to four hundred dollars that really is?) I must write. 
I must ignore the fact that I do not HAVE three hundred ninety-nine dollars. 
I must ignore the remaining paper Captain America shields Twin B is never going to be able to finish coloring in time to use as Valentine's, and the remaining Hershey Kiss Pipe Cleaner Rings Twin B is never going to finish. 
I am going to ignore the research I need to do to determine just how much ESY Twin A should receive and what I should do if the district once again says he only needs forty-five minutes, four days a week, for four weeks.

Yes, I'm putting my blinders on in order to complete one more stupid assessment about effective and engaging standards-based instruction, a topic that, while theoretically important, is incredibly frustrating in this day and age of high-stakes testing that ultimately leaves so little time for teachers to ensure that all the standards for any given subject are met, minus the ones that are actually assessed on the PSSA.  The paper I finished yesterday involved creating a lesson plan and then  illustrating what "anchors" and "eligible content" are addressed within that lesson plan.  "Anchors" are the specific standards that are evaluated on the PSSA.  Yes, it's true, the course I'm taking now it showing me how to gear all my instruction to making sure my students do well on the PSSA.

I'm so proud of the work I'm doing.


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MemeGRL said...

If it would ever be easier for you to do your work at my house, and ignore my piles of paper and dishes, the more the merrier. I work here a lot of days and if you can ignore foreign mess more easily, I'd love the company. I will be working too, so it wouldn't be as social as I would prefer, but I'm happy to give you someone to go to the "office" with while you slog through.

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