Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Golden Globes

DH and I used to go to the movies all the time.  Our best dates often involved double features where we would see a sneak preview of a movie about to be released and then get to stay and watch a second movie for free.  If anyone wanted to know about a movie, we would either have seen it or know about based on seeing the preview or reading about it.

Of course, this was all B.K. - Before Kids.

Having kids is a wonderful thing, don't get me wrong, but it does completely and totally change your life.  Not only do we rarely have TIME to see a movie just the two of us, we almost never have the money to pay for both movie tickets AND a babysitter.

So now we sit on the couch and watch award shows together, like the Golden Globes, and create lists of movies we want to rent or stream on Netflix.

As the presenters describe various movies, DH and I keep turning to each other to say how much we wanted to see particular movies, but I know if I don't write them down anywhere, I won't ever remember them, so here they are:

A Dangerous Method Poster

This is the one about the relationship between Freud and Jung.  I honestly don't know more about it than that, but just that concept sounds so intriguing to me.  Apparently it is still in some theaters in the area, so maybe we could actually go see it instead of waiting for its release!  Hmmm......

Beginners Poster

While I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with it) I am definitely at a crossroads in my life, looking to begin my career all over again.  Something about this movie speaks to me.  Plus, I heard the man who wrote the screenplay (or was it the book?) interviewed on NPR.  Apparently he based the story on his own life.  It is really hard to imagine thinking about your parents in a certain way all your life only to discover information about one of them towards the end of their life that forces you to rethink everything you thought you knew about them.

Moneyball Poster

What an amazing underdog story!

Bridesmaids Poster

First of all, I cannot believe I have NOT seen this movie yet.  Secondly, I think I need to invite a bunch of female friends over for a Girls' Night to watch this one - I don't think DH will appreciate quite as much as a bunch of women (drunken or not).

My Week with Marilyn Poster

If nothing else, this looks (visually) amazing!

50/50 Poster

As unfunny as cancer is, my father incredibly kept his strange sense of humor all throughout his battle with cancer, and attributes that in part to his current remission.  I just think it is amazing whenever filmmakers can take such a challenging topic and actually make it funny.

We Need to Talk About Kevin Poster

I somehow missed the fact that this book was even MADE into a movie!  I loved the book - it's the kind of story that stays with you and made me change the way I think about these children who end up going on spree shootings.  I never really thought about their families before.  In any case, I really can't wait to see how they did translating this book into a movie.

And now I'm bored.  I really wanted to watch the Golden Globes to see Ricky Gervais, but he's barely been on since the beginning of the show, so who cares anymore.  At least watching as much as I did inspired me to create a good list.  Now I need to do some searching on Netflix to see if any of the movies are available to watch yet.  Here's hoping!

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