Monday, November 07, 2011

Menu Planning

Monday - The Princess was home sick today, so I'm going to use one of the meals from the freezer I bought on sale last week - Tostino's Pizza Rolls! 

Cheesy Tuna Melts Recipe

Tuesday - All three kids will be home from school due to Election Day.  I never got to do this last week, so this will be the day for Cheesy Tuna Melts.

Wednesday - These look really interesting - wonder if the kids will like it.

Thursday - Rotiserie chicken (been in the freezer from someone nicely bringing me dinner when I was in the hospital) with Mashed Mock Potatoes.

Friday - Potluck Shabbat Dinner at our synagogue
I am going to bring Yummy Couscous Salad.

Saturday - Mish Mash (Pick your own meal from the leftovers in the fridge)

Sunday - Dinner at the In-Laws'

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