Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Important Reminder

I have been at the computer all day yesterday and all morning working on ways to solve or at least alleviate this major financial crisis in which we find ourselves.  Every idea I come up with turns out to take four times longer than I expect.  After working so hard for all that time, all I have managed to do is:

1)  Reduce the APR of one of the three credit cards (29% to 12% for the next year!)

2)  Complete the on-line application for state assistance

3)  Gather almost all of the paperwork I will need to submit to the county office to verify the information I submitted in the application

I got the dreaded phone call around 11:00; the school nurse called to let me know the Princess wouldn't stop coughing.  Yay.  I took her right to the doctor where she was given a breathing treatment in addition to a serious talking to about not allowing the cat in her bedroom - ever.  Woo hoo.  Tonight should be fun.  But you and Daddy get to share a room and Twin A and Twin B get to share a room and now I don't get to share a room with ANYone!!!!  This should be an easy bedtime.

When I got home from the doctor's office, I checked in with my friends' on Facebook.  The first thing I saw was the sign I put up top.  Things are pretty overwhelming right now, what with the lots of bills to pay and the not a lot of income to pay it with plus needing to take Twin A to the cardiac specialist tomorrow morning.  I think I needed to remember that even though it doesn't feel like it now, everything is happening the way it is meant to happen.  I need to take a breath, let it out, and remind myself that this too shall pass.


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