Friday, February 04, 2011

Too Many Directions to Be Pulled

The dishes.
The laundry.
Meal planning.
Buying groceries.
Cleaning out the fridge.
Picking up the @#$% all around the house.
Working with the Princess on her attitude.
Working with Twin A as we adjust his medication.
Working with Twin B (and his teacher) with the HUGE amount of homework he has every night.
Attempting to get a chance to communicate and check in with DH at least once a day.
Balancing the checkbook.
Sorting through this mountain of paperwork.
Figuring out our finances so we can start paying down the massive credit card debt.
Fixing what is STILL messed up financially from needing to close our checking account and opening a second one after my purse was stolen containing my checkbook.
Finishing this online course I'm taking to get continuing education hours.
Registering for and completing three more online courses to complete all of the continuing education hours so that my certification can become active again.
Writing a resume.
Personally delivering it to all the principals within the school district I used to teach to introduce myself (yeah, it's only been nine years but all the principals are new).
Contacting all the teachers I used to work with and begging them to put in a good word for me.
Researching new ideas/techniques that might help so many different kids I am currently teaching.
Advocating for my mom as she just had surgery and spent the next four days in the hospital.
Helping my mom at home as she recovers from surgery for the next two months.

The house.
The kids.
My husband.
The bills.
Our finances.
My current teaching position.
My next teaching position (I want to get back into elementary school).
My mom.

And there's only one of me.
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