Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Who is this Teacher, Mom, and Crazy Lady, anyway?

I'm so glad you asked.

Just like the title implies, I am a teacher.  I'm kind of a born teacher, always knew I would be working with kids in some capacity.  I taught elementary school for about eight years before I had my own children.  Currently I teach Pre-K, a combined class of threes and fours.  The school is small and up-to-date with the current early childhood research so everything we do is developmentally appropriate and big on learning through play.  The hours are good (8:30-1), the kiddies are so cute, the director is wonderful, but the pay sucks.

After trying to get pregnant for about five years, I am thrilled to say that I am also a mom.  I have three children:
  1. Twin A is an 8 year old third grader who is learning to live with Aspergers and his more recent diagnosis of ADHD.  He is our electronic genius and computer whiz and appears to have a soundtrack playing in his head at all time since he often will just burst into a song and dance no matter where he is.
  2. Twin B is also an 8 year old third grader who is also learning to live with Aspergers and ADD, both newly diagnosed.  He is a sensitive science lover, and can tell you everything about any episode of Mythbusters whether you wanted to know or not.
  3. The Princess is a six year old first grade girly-girl.  No matter how many times I tell the twins that she does not make the rules, they allow her to boss them around all the time.  She loves coloring and crafts and somehow has had the earliest and longest case of PMS I have ever heard of.
Lest you think I am raising these children all alone, let me tell you a little about DH, my husband for the past fifteen years.  We were cast as romantic opposites in a play in high school and were friends ever since.  Our friendship feelings gave way to love after my first year of college, and we got married after I graduated.  DH is also a teacher, and even if he gets on my nerves every once in a while, I'm happy to say that he is a really good guy.

There is more to me than being a teacher and a mom/wife, though it's hard to remember that at times.  I love to sing and act, though I haven't been able to perform in a show since I was pregnant with the Princess.  I read all the time, especially romantic suspense novels.  I talk a good game about eating right and exercising, though I realize I need to do more than talk about it to get myself in shape.  I have both major clinical depression and narcolepsy, and am happy to say that my life is an example of better living through chemistry. 

And so this is my life.  We laugh, we cry, and I let it all hang out for all of you to see.  Glad you decided to come along for ride!
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